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That’s a very difficult Gospel, but we might understand a little bit with the talk where going to have today which is, the Creed – the part which says, “He suffered under Pontus Pilot”. Who is this Pontus Pilot? Certainly he’s a weak man and like other weak men, he always wants to keep everybody happy. Pilot wanted to keep the Priests and the Jewish mob happy, he wanted to keep his wife happy, he wanted to keep Herod and his flunkies and flatterers happy, he really wanted to keep Caesar happy and he even wanted to keep Jesus Christ happy. He wanted to set Him free, but Pilot like most weak people, who want to keep everybody happy, ended up keeping nobody happy. After he finished in Judea, Palestine the Jews went to Rome to complain about his bad governance, his career finished in shame. Us Christians – from then until now until eternity, we condemn him in the Creed. That leads me to another question though. Regards the Creed, of all the villains who were involved in the sufferings of our Lord, who made Him suffer, why is Pilot mentioned, why isn’t it Caiaphas the high Priest or Judas the traitor that’s mentioned. No, no it’s Pilate. The answer here comes from the great British priest and preacher, monsignor Ronald Knocks. He says that, by naming Pilate in the creed, the Church anchors down to a definitive moment in history the life and times of our Lord. You see Jesus Christ isn’t an imaginary person… For Fr. Nicholas’ complete homily please listen to the Audio.