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What we’re going to address is to look at Jesus Christ, try to understand a little bit more about Him, in the context of the history of Israel. We’re going to hear a lot of names and different characters which are going to bring back lots of things to us that we’ve remembered and learned over the years about Christ and Israel. Jewish history begins with characters called Patriarchs who are basically the fathers of Israel. We’ve got Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Abraham our young friend here and the other children will remember just being a man with a long beard and a walking stick. But Abraham was a desert chief, and he had about three hundred clansmen and their families who followed him and worked for him. Abraham would have been like any other desert chief at the time. However, if you met Abraham you’d be very surprised to see that he was a man that seemed to have his head and his thoughts in the future. If you met Abraham, he would tell you “In the future all this land is going to belong to my descendants. Don’t mind all the other desert chiefs around; it’s going to belong to my descendants”. The land was Canaan. He’d also tell you that all the nations were going to Blessed by God through my descendants and he would have underlined by the one and only God. But then he really would have shocked his listeners if you would have bumped in to Abraham at this time because he would say, “My descendants will be as numerous as the sand and the seashore and the stars in the sky”. You’d be shocked! You’d think he was the greatest optimist you’d ever met in your life, because at that time, Abraham was over eighty years of age and he didn’t have any children whatsoever. But guess what in his eighties he did finally have a son… For Fr. Nicholas’ complete homily please listen to the Audio.