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In todays first Sunday of Advent, I’d like to briefly in a certain context talk about the meaning of Advent. In the second point to examine what is our relationship to Advent. Advent coming from the Latin word Adventus – meaning coming, coming of our Saviour, coming of Christ, to see if we are prepared for that coming. In the sacred scripture there are clearly three comings of the Lord, traditionally we talk about two, but really there’s three. There is coming in humility, the little Baby comes to Bethlehem. There’s a coming in the Eucharist, in charity, on our altars. Thirdly, the definitive coming of our Lord in glory and majesty at the end of the world. Now the first Advent is past. The Eucharist advent is here in our present. The final coming is in our future. Let’s analyse these briefly. Our Lord came in humility as a defenceless little baby in the poor stable of Bethlehem. He didn’t come with fireworks or glory or trumpets. Why is this? I think certainly one of the answers to this question is God wanted us human beings to understand what He really values. I think it is a counter measure against the sin of Adam and Eve, the pride of Adam and Eve. The sacred scripture of the book of Sirach tells us that ‘Pride is the start of all sin’ spirituality tells us that humility is the foundation of all grace. In other words, pride turns us away from God, but humility opens us up to God, opens up above all to His grace. Christ taught us that when He entered the world as a baby, right till the end… For Fr. Nicholas’ complete homily please listen to the Audio.