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Having spoken the beatitudes, those eight propositions of which the Christian world, the Christian civilisation, the Christian life is founded. Our Lord tells us what flows from their observance, the poverty of spirits and gentleness, the grief the anguish we go on an account of our sins, those who mourn and now desire for what is right for true righteousness, which is essentially to be living the divine life, pleasing to God. Our expression of gratitude to God for what He has done by our showing of mercy to others and the purity of our intentions, the purity of heart and our desire that we be at peace with God and with our neighbour and most important the special grace of fortitude by which we’re able to endure every kind of persecution because of our deep solid attachment to the person of Christ and to follow in the path mapped out for us by His Father with the assistance of the Holy Spirit. If we are able to withstand persecution, then we are truly the salt of the earth. Enduring persecution is a special grace, it is a grace given to us by the Holy Spirit as indeed all graces are but particularly the Holy Spirit because He being the Divine fire, He fortifies us against all that will come against us because of our fidelity to Christ. And frequently we are unwilling even to face criticism for what we believe. We are afraid of what people think of us because of what we believe and who we follow and so we fall at the very first hurdle… For Fr. Linus’ complete homily please listen to the Audio.