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Blessedness means to be well spoken of, in particular to be well spoken of by God and God who is truth can only speak that which is true, and so He will speak well of us if He can see certain qualities in us and these qualities are none other than the qualities shown, practised, demonstrated by His only begotten Son to us. The first Psalm, Blessed the man that fears the Lord, is a beginning of praise of the Psalms to God by David. Our Lord, who is Holy wisdom who Himself is the heir of David, who has come begins his public life with a praise of God or rather of God’s work in us or how in fact, our being faithful to Christ will lead us to fulfil God’s work in us, so God can see Himself in us. And so He says, “Blessed are the poor in spirit” not Blessed are the poor, but the blessed the poor in spirit, which means that it is not just the matter of not having material goods that makes us blessed or well-spoken of by God, but rather the poverty of spirit which is total dependence on God. Poverty has three degrees. There are those that are materially poor, beggars - they have nothing. That is not however in itself blessedness, there’s nothing praiseworthy in it. There’s another kind of poverty where one can have the material goods and yet in spirit, be detached from them and the example is that of Abraham who was a rich man, and yet he was totally dependent on God. And then the next, this is those who are materially in fact poor and also spiritually poor, these are us, when we are willing to give up our material goods so as to cling more fervently, more passionately, more firmly to God himself… For Fr. Linus’ complete homily please listen to the Audio.