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Our Lord in Jerusalem is confronted by several groups of people. The Pharisees come, the Herodians come, and the Sadducees come. Each one attempting to lay a trap for our Blessed Lord. So the Herodians with the coin and the Sadducees with the woman who had seven husbands – each one in turn comes and the Lord answers appropriately. In the crowd, because this is not happening in quiet or in isolation or in private, but in the crowd, we’re told one of the scribes listens and he puts a question to our Lord. It’s a question of importance and significance for there were many disputes about it, “Which is the first of all the Commandments?” The problem was that the Commandments are found in several places in Deuteronomy and Leviticus, in Numbers, Exodus and so they were scattered throughout these books and it was the job of the scribes to try to put them in to some order. Now what kind of order do we use? At least what are the principles of the order that we use? Is it age? Is it Importance? Is sacrifice more important than the acts of charity, of mercy? How do we decide which is more important especially remember, every single command of God is important for us. God is not capricious, He’s not arbitrary, but when He gives a Commandment, it’s purpose is in fact to lead us closer to Him. So how do we decide among these various commandments, some six hundred... For Fr. Linus’ complete homily please listen to the Audio.