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St Charles Borromeo

The Book of Wisdom | Wisdom 4 16-27

The Triumph of the Righteous

16 The righteous man who has died will condemn the ungodly who are living, and youth that is quickly perfected[a] will condemn the prolonged old age of the unrighteous man. 17 For they will see the end of the wise man, and will not understand what the Lord purposed for him, and for what he kept him safe. 18 They will see, and will have contempt for him, but the Lord will laugh them to scorn. After this they will become dishonored corpses, and an outrage among the dead for ever; 19 because he will dash them speechless to the ground, and shake them from the foundations; they will be left utterly dry and barren, and they will suffer anguish, and the memory of them will perish.


The Final Judgment

20 They will come with dread when their sins are reckoned up, and their lawless deeds will convict them to their face.