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“The Good News I preach is not some human message that I was given by men, it is something I learned only through revelation of Jesus Christ.” Saint Paul, who speaks these words to us today reminds us that our whole own mind, all our thoughts, our desires, our aspirations should be focused on our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ. He tells us also that whilst we once knew Christ according to the flesh, we know Him like this no longer. He also says to keep your eyes fixed on heaven where Christ is. Speaking about himself, I strain for what is ahead and forget everything behind. If we are engaged in a race, we will lose, if we keep our eyes fixed on the next step in front of us. For those who want to succeed, we have to look at the goal, the end and keeping our eyes fixed on the goal, we should surge, urge our bodies so that we might arrive at the goal. When Our Lord walked on the water, the Disciples had been on the boat and Peter asked, “If it is you Lord, let me come to you” and the Lord said, “Come”. Peter got out, his eyes fixed on Christ and walked on the water. The moment he took his eyes off Christ, what happened? He felt the force of the wind, he saw the height of the waves and he became afraid and he began to sink. And the Lord grabbed him and said ‘Why are you afraid?’ no He did not, He said ‘Man of little faith, why did you doubt?’ If we do not keep our eyes fixed on Christ we will doubt and we will begin to sink, because we will see all of the forces… For Fr. Linus’ complete homily please listen to the Audio.