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Every miracle that Our Lord works, carries with it a teaching, a message. The difficulty is that we do not know how to interpret, and therefore how to understand the message. Immediately before this passage we heard, Our Lord had gone down to the house of the synagogue official whose daughter had just died. On the way a woman in the crowd with a haemorrhage said “if I touch the hem of his garments I will be healed.” And she did so and immediately the ailment which she suffered for twelve years disappeared. But Our Lord didn’t leave it there; he looked around and said “Who touched Me?” She only touched his clothes, but He said “Who touched Me?”. And when she came forward trembling, He said to her daughter your faith has saved you.

And then going down to the house of the official, He found that the daughter was already dead. But He said, she is not dead, she is asleep. He was laughed at, but what did He do? He simple went and held her by the hand, “little girl I tell you get up.” Now there was a crowd, these people had seen what had happened. It is this same crowd that is following Our Lord. When we are told, when He went on His way, two blind men followed Him shouting “take pity on us son of David.” What were they asking for? They evidently have a very high respect for Him. They didn’t dare say give us back our sight. They simple said “Take pity.” They threw everything on His compassion. They knew that He would know what is best to do. But strangely Our Lord doesn’t answer. And very much like the Syrophoenician women, He walks on. And we’re told, when He reached the house, the blind men came up with Him and then He speaks to them. What does He say, “Do you believe I can do this?” They answer “Yes sir we do.” Do you believe I can do what … And that’s the secret, they had said have pity on us. There desire was in their heart, Our Lord knew what was in their heart, they did not dare present to Him what they wanted. They depended totally on His mercy. They knew that even if He had refused their prayer, He would be merciful. Even if He refused their prayer it would be the best thing for them. This is the kind of faith they had… For Fr. Linus’ complete homily please listen to the Audio.

By Fr Linus Clovis