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St Paul tells us that without faith it is impossible to please God. Our Lord Himself said to the crowds, this is working for God, to believe in the One whom He has sent. So faith is necessary for our salvation. Yet faith alone is insufficient, works also are necessary, that is to live the virtuous life. And again St. Paul tells us that there are some that profess Christ with their lips but deny Him with their deeds. And so in today’s gospel Our Lord says to us His disciples “it is not those who say to me ‘Lord, Lord’ that is those who have faith, who will enter the kingdom of Heaven, but the person who does the will of my Father in Heaven”. The works are necessary. Faith alone doesn’t save, in fact St. James tells us that the devils have faith, they believe, but it is of no benefit to them.

The Lord therefore tells us how indeed we should govern our lives. Therefore everyone who listens, that is the first act to listen, to these words of Mine, the commandments and acts on them, (the deeds), follow what he tells us, observe the commandments, will be like a sensible man, a wise man, who built his house on rock. Who is this wise man who built his house on rock? You are peter and on this Rock I build my Church. He is the wise man. What did he build, His Church on? The rock of Peter. Peter had manifest that he was worthy to be the rock, in as much as he professed faith in Christ Jesus; “You are the son of the living God”. So faith, trusting in the Christ that God has sent is necessary and to build on this. So we build on this rock like Christ built His Church.

St. Paul in the letter in Corinthians tells us there is only one foundation that can be laid, that is Christ Jesus. Each one must build on this foundation. We have a choice in what we build with, we may build with gold or silver or precious stones or with wood and stubble and straw. Nonetheless the Apostles says, each mans work will be tested by fire, and so the work may be destroyed, but the man may be saved…