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Ageing population
Where have the kids gone?
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Many people who have heard of Pope Paul VI’s encyclical Humanae Vitae (HV) – Catholics included – probably think it was a major disaster. Today, public opinion rejects or ignores the Pope’s condemnation of artificial contraception. Roughly 70% of women of reproductive age outside Africa use artificial contraceptives. For many, HV is either an irrelevance or irrefutable evidence that the Catholic Church’s teaching is false and outdated, and the quicker it is discarded the better for humankind.

Some people genuinely believe contraception is needed because the world is suff ering from a “population explosion”. But this view is utterly false. Only in parts of Africa and some Islamic countries outside Africa are populations rising more than 2% per year. The world’s fertility - 2.4 children per family - is only marginally above population replacement - 2.2 children. In many countries, including the UK, fertility is below replacement.

Meanwhile the hard evidence for the truth of HV accumulates every year. According to the latest UN projections, in the next 30 years, the young working population (15-24) of the world outside Africa will fall by 37% - an astonishing 300 million. One in three young workers! If Africa is included, the decline is still 12% - 139 million. One of the biggest declines for an individual country will occur in China, a fall of 49% - 89 million. Japan will not be far behind, with a decline of 45% - 5.5 million. Europe’s young workers will decline by 37% - 30 million.

Falls of this kind of magnitudes will have a disastrous impact on the economies of individual countries, which heralds/foreshadows a very dystopian future for them. Who will do the work, treat our cancers, staff our hospitals, nurse the ill, grow the food, pay the taxes, care for the booming numbers of elderly and fund their pensions? Many fewer workers will inevitably lead to lower standards of living and greater poverty.

Rejection and ignorance of HV has led to a massive and growing Contraception Crisis. There is no long term escape from its awful consequences. The magnitude of the falls in working populations are far greater than are likely to be “solved” by a few million immigrants. Dying Europe should wish it had listened to Pope Paul VI, as it grapples with the consequences of this Crisis.

A few rich countries, such as USA and UK, appear to have bucked the trend by making up much of their deficiency in births with large numbers of immigrants. Britain’s total population, for instance, would now be falling without millions of immigrants. Without them the economy would probably be in decline and the NHS would have to close wards, even hospitals.

But it can’t last. In the long run, there just aren’t enough skilled immigrants available for all the rich countries suffering from the Contraception Crisis. So where are they to come from? India perhaps? Most unlikely - the number of India’s young workers will fall by 30% - 71 million - in the next 30 years.

Eventually, the USA & UK, and other countries relying on immigration, will have to pay the price for their ruinous and suicidal beliefs and policies, such as the state providing free contraception. By raiding the workforces of poorer countries, rich countries such as the UK have simply been buying time at other countries expense, before they too inevitably begin to suffer from the effects of contraception.

How did the Catholic Church – or at least Pope Paul VI – get it right about contraception in a world overwhelmingly convinced of the goodness and benefits of the pill, described by some as “the greatest scientific invention of the twentieth century”? Clearly, Pope Paul had a source of information, which was not just based on human learning, university teaching and the views of so-called “experts”.

Something superhuman – rather supra human – must have helped him. HV was based not just on fallible human sources but on a spiritual source of knowledge, a source which is accurate and true – God in other words.

The fact that HV is true teaching also demonstrates that the Catholic Church is the true church. All other “denominations”, and secular ideologies, gave their credibility away years ago when they supported contraception.

Religions and secular ideologies which lead to the destruction of the countries that believe in them cannot by definition be true. The Contraceptive Crisis is a 21st century self-imposed Black Death.

If Pope Paul VI in 1968 had allowed artificial contraception, the Catholic Church would have given up any pretence of being the true faith and to be teaching an accurate theory of reality. In a world of blindness, darkness, and delusion, dying from the effects of contraception, HV was and still is a shining light.

Yet, despite the mounting evidence for the truth of HV, Pope Paul’s encyclical continues to be ignored or rejected by many people. Perhaps people just do not know about the evidence supporting HV. But the Contraception Crisis will eventually be recognized for what it is. Slowly, human beings will realise, or be forced by reality to accept, that they must conform their sexual behaviour to objective reality as revealed by HV, or suffer destruction and death.

Fortunately, some people already know the truth of HV. At a conference on contraception in Chicago some years ago, the head of a Lutheran think tank astonished the conference when he said, “I’m frequently asked what a Lutheran thinks of Humanae Vitae. I answer quite simply: It was a miracle!”. It still is today.