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Destruction of self
Fetus - 10 weeks


So many aspects of Humanae Vitae deserve discussion in depth, however, in this article I am constrained to concentrate on only a very small number of these.

Prime amongst them being the brutal reality of the utterly shameless failure of Catholic bishops, priests and theologians to teach the faithful about the intrinsic evil of “contraception” or to acknowledge the pharmacological truth that most so-called “contraceptives” also cause early abortions.

Most “contraceptives” such as “The Contraceptive Pill”, “The Morning After Pill”, the IUD, Norplant, and injectable hormones are abortive. Their abortive actions are incontrovertible facts, that can be quickly and easily verified by simply reading the pamphlets accompanying the sale of these things.

A true contraceptive is one which is contra-conception, i.e. it prevents conception. Conception being the event that occurs when the sperm and the ovum fuse together, joining their chromosomal identities to one another and thereby establishing full complements of chromosomal DNA and ribosomal RNA – and in this process establishing a new, unique, human individual. Essentially, from this moment forward, the only things that are necessary for this new human being to reach full maturity are nutrition, shelter, safety and protection from harm. All of which are provided until the time of birth in the safety and perfect environment in the womb of the mother


Birth control pills and injectable and implantable hormones all have 3 prime mechanisms of action:

1. They inhibit ovulation, this action being a partial, temporary sterilising action.

2. They obstruct the passage of sperm though the mouth of the womb by thickening the plug of mucus in the cervix, this action being a barrier contraceptive effect.

3. They alter the lining of the womb into which a human embryo must implant itself between 5 to 11 days after conception, by rendering this lining hostile to implantation. Thereby directly causing the embryo to fail to implant and thereby causing it to die, this is its abortive action.

The facts are, that while using these things, ovulation can and does occur, sperm can and do get through the thickened mucus plug in the cervix and fertilisation can and does occur from time to time.

But then, the third action of these drugs comes into effect, namely the effect on the lining of the womb and the embryo is aborted. However, from time to time, despite women taking these drugs in full accordance with the directions and despite the damage to the lining of the womb, the pregnancy continues. These events are termed “contraceptive failures”, and then “post conceptive Family Planning” i.e. abortion, is offered to ‘rectify’ this.

The action of so-called “contraceptives”, on the endometrium (the lining of the womb) constitutes actual biological “scorched earth” and “poisoning of the wells” atrocities, specifically designed to kill tiny human beings.


1..Preventing implantation because of their mechanical presence inside the womb which dislodges the embryo.

2. Causing infections inside the cavity of the womb which damages both the embryo and the lining of the womb and often damages the fallopian tubes.

3. IUDs wrapped with copper coils, release lethal levels of copper, thereby killing embryos. It is Death by Copper, in contrast to Death by Zyklon B.

4. IUD’s that also contain birth-control hormones cause further damage to the lining of the womb.


In attempting to deny that the action preventing implantation of the embryo in the womb constitutes abortion, the contraception-abortion cartel claim – against all evidence and logic - that human life does not begin at the beginning, i.e. at the time of conception/fertilisation, but only after the embryo has implanted himself or herself into the lining of the womb when they are between 5 and 11 days old!

Therefore, in their “newspeak”, causing abortions by disrupting or preventing implantation, does not constitute abortion!


“Contraceptives” are true “Weapons of Mass Destruction”, arrayed against the most innocent and helpless of all human beings, namely very young human embryos.

Women whose “contraceptives” produce this holocaust of intrauterine infanticide are generally unaware of how these drugs and devices work.

Pharmacists, and “family planning” doctors and nurses almost without exception, fail to tell women about the serious risks to their health inherent in their use, such as strokes, blood-clots and pulmonary emboli, only to mention three of the numerous complications associated with their use.


In direct contravention of medical principles of “informed consent”, many doctors, nurses and “family planning” activists regularly remove and destroy the package inserts of these so-called contraceptives to deceive women by hiding the truth from them.

This shameless deceit is more commonly prevalent in the “third world” than it is in developed countries, because, amongst many other reasons, the fertility of women in un-developed areas constitutes a real demographic threat to the elite and the affluent of the developed world where the birth rates of local indigenous populations are well below replacement levels.

In many areas of the underdeveloped world, doctors regularly sterilise without consent, women whom they deliver by Caesarean section.

Injections of Depo Provera -- a dangerous and powerful hormonal birth control drug that lasts for 3 months after a single injection -- are given to women immediately after delivery. Doctors and nurses telling the new mothers that it will increase their breast milk supply, without telling them that is a birth-control agent nor that it gets into breast milk and is ingested by the baby.

Depo-Provera is also given as another form of involuntary birth control by telling women that it will improve their immunity against diseases.

This dangerous drug forms the basis of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation Family Planning 2020 program.

In medicine doctors develop and use drugs to treat illnesses and restore health to their patients but in using contraceptives they use harmful drugs and devices to alter and damage the normal healthy physiology of their patients.

Along with the population controllers, such as Paul Ehrlich and Jeffrey Sachs et al, now so welcomed in the Vatican, they view pregnancy as an illness, a disease to be prevented, and when prevention fails then it can be “cured” by abortion.


Most Catholic bishops, priests and theologians avoid ever mentioning population control and the unprecedented genocidal slaughter of the unborn caused by contraception.

While it is true that some of these drugs and devices may not always cause abortions in each fertile cycle -- because in such cycles they may be operating as temporary sterilising agents or as barrier contraceptives, but they also cause early abortions.

However, it cannot be stressed strongly enough that all varieties of hormonal methods and IUD’s cause abortions and that their ultimate effectiveness in preventing births greatly depends on inducing early abortions.

Even “pro-life pastors” in sermons and newsletters seldom mention the abortive actions of “contraceptives”. Here we are not talking about the procurement of abortions by way of “the contraceptive mentality”, whereby ‘contraceptive failures’ are corrected by surgically induced abortions, but about the direct abortive actions of these drugs and devices.

Because information about their abortive action is so easily found by reading the package inserts provided by the manufacturers, enclosed by law in each pack when these things are dispensed, there is absolutely no excuse for anyone in the developed world, let alone for Catholic bishops, priests or theologians, not to know about this horrendous reality.

Yet, year after year, despite all the indisputable facts, whenever they might just happen to say anything at all about contraception, they persist in euphemistically and deceptively calling these things “contraceptives”.

While looking down from pulpits on the diminishing numbers of Catholics who still bother to attend Holy Mass in the developed world, Catholic priests know, as survey after survey has shown, that most Catholic women sitting in the pews right there in front of them are using “contraceptive” drugs and devices that cause the destruction of very young human embryos. Their failure to inform their parishioners about the evils of “contraception” constitutes a very grave sin of omission.


In surgical abortions, bloodied morcellated parts of aborted babies, torn bit by bit from out of the womb, are clearly visible. This barbarous reality causes most sane people to be horrified.

The inescapable bloody evidence has caused the population control-abortion industry to try to supress such evidence by gagging, punishing, threatening and prosecuting those who display films and pictures that show the dreadful reality of abortion and who uncover the appalling wickedness of the contraception-abortion consortium.

Because the sickening truth about surgical abortion, is becoming ever more freely available, the contraception--abortion industry desperately seeks ways to bypass or preferably to eliminate the need for most surgically induced abortions.

Pictures of babies who have been disembowelled; their limbs avulsed; their heads pulled off; their eyeballs sucked out of their sockets, in safe, hygienic, professionally performed abortions, is very bad for the image of the “Family Planners” as “benefactors of women”.

Even worse for the abortion industry’s image is the public getting to see and hear -- despite Planned Parenthood’s frantic efforts to hide every vestige of the truth -- videos showing “family planning” murderers, and universities and research organisations, buying and selling parts of aborted babies; and learning how the abortion industry threatens and brings legal actions against those, such as the heroic David Robert Daleiden, who uncover and reveal their abysmal evil. Such films, pictures and videos unmask their astonishingly vile propaganda, only a few examples of which are - “it’s not a baby it is a blood clot”; “it’s a foetus not a child” and “menstrual extractions”, “post-conceptive family planning”, “evacuation of the contents of the uterus”, all used to disguise their demonic evil.


The contraception-abortion industry is also desperately seeking ways, with the help of Madison Avenue and the ubiquitous and amoral “fake media”, to continue to dupe people into believing that contraception is safe for women and that no children are harmed, much less aborted, by their use.

The utterly horrendous damming evidence showing clearly recognisable bits of children scraped and sucked out of wombs in surgical abortions must be avoided as far as possible by developing and marketing DIY drugs like RU486 and by “improving” the indwelling abortive efficiency of ‘contraceptive’ pills, injections and subcutaneous implantables.

In DIY abortions women are “empowered” to abort themselves in their own dwellings and are conveniently enabled to flush the corpses of their aborted babies down their own sparkling white toilet bowls into sewers or drop them into domestic garbage disposal units.

By way of early DIY abortions, the contraception-abortion industry hopes to be able to put some ‘ethical mileage’ between themselves and the utterly horrifying evidence showing brutally murdered unborn children, and to avoid the legal costs of claims for deaths and damage caused to women by surgical abortions.

In very early abortions caused by ‘contraceptives’ the aborted human embryos are far too small to be noticed by women in their menstrual blood flows and as St. Bernard of Clairvaux said, “what the eye sees not, the heart does not grieve”!

Additionally, enhancing the efficiency of temporary sterilising and barrier effects of contraceptives would be of great value to the population control pharmacological-abortion-axis in avoiding moral objections to them being abortive.

In “do-it-yourself abortion pills”, they strive to reduce a present need, until something more suitable slithers out of the wormwood, for women to have to resort to more costly, inconvenient, and dangerous surgical abortions.


Other ‘developments in contraception’ are vaccines that will immunise women against their own pregnancies, killing very young embryos shortly after implantation by antibodies against hCG.

Evidence of this was uncovered some years ago by Human Life International in Mexico, Nicaragua, The Philippines and Kenya when Catholic physicians in these countries discovered human Chorionic Gonadotrophin (hCG) in widely used Tetanus toxoid vaccines, supplied by WHO and UNICEF.

Since the discovery of this genocidal population control initiative of the World Health Organisation et al, no further similar outrages have been uncovered, primarily because pro-life organisations in these countries lack the money and resources needed to test these vaccines for anti-fertility antibodies, substances and drugs.

However, it is highly likely that similar methods of population control are still being used in the underdeveloped parts of the world on people whom the elites see as a “people plague” and “the great unwashed”.

In 1969, F S Jaffe Vice President of Planned Parenthood, sent a memo to Bernard Berelson an American behavioural scientist and President of the Population Fund. Amongst other evils, Jaffe proposed putting fertility-control agents into water supplies. Various other appalling ideas found in that memo, have been extensively implemented worldwide.

The demonic crimes against life proposed in Jaffe’s memo, (available online) were produced in response to the US Government asking for ideas for controlling population growth. Amongst these proposals is the encouragement of mass sterilisation and homosexuality as methods of birth control.

Surely, for the most obvious of biological reasons, sodomy is the most effective of all measures of birth control.


Fr. Paul Marx OSB of HLI remarked, “once contraception is accepted then any moral objections levelled against sodomy and masturbation largely fall away. After all, contraceptive sex is a form of mutual masturbation”!

Fr. Marx then continued; “Having travelled and worked in 91 countries, I find no country where contraception has not led to abortion, to increasing fornication among the young, to divorce, and to all those other evils we see today that make up the international sex mess.

Malcolm Muggeridge, a British writer, humourist and convert to the Catholic Church, mostly because of Humanae Vitae and Mother Teresa, observed that, “Once you say that you may morally siphon off procreation from the marital/sexual act, then you are back to the old paganism when contraception, abortifacients, and abortion for failed contraception were rife, all leading to the dying of nations once abortion entered society. And if sexual activity can be allowed for recreation, then any orifice will do.”