Advent 1, Part 4: Our Blessed Lord feeds the thousands

Our Lord reaches the shores of Galilee, we are told that He then went up into the hills. Whenever He goes into the hills it is to remind us that we cannot find satisfaction, or healing or indeed salvation in the low places, but rather we must ascend into the heights. And so we find all the great revelations of God are found in the Hills, Moses on mount Sinai, and on mount Tabor, the Lord Himself was transfigured - and He ascended from the mount of Olives.

Advent and the three comings of Christ

In todays first Sunday of Advent, I’d like to briefly in a certain context talk about the meaning of Advent. In the second point to examine what is our relationship to Advent. Advent coming from the Latin word Adventus – meaning coming, coming of our Saviour, coming of Christ, to see if we are prepared for that coming. In the sacred scripture there are clearly three comings of the Lord, traditionally we talk about two, but really there’s three. There is coming in humility, the little Baby comes to Bethlehem. There’s a coming in the Eucharist, in charity, on our altars.